Firstly what on earth is Happy Virus?

Happy Virus is a collective of creative people who were sick and tired of the lack of creative and alternative opportunities to express opinions on the Sunshine Coast. As a group we decided that instead of whingeing about the lack of opportunities that we would focus our energies on creating new ones, including the development of an emerging artist exhibition space, the publication of a fanzine and establishment of a website.

What does Happy Virus mean and where did the name come from?

The name came from some birthday wrapping paper sent to me from my sister in Korea. The message printed on the paper read 'Happy Virus Joyful Time' obviously there was something lost in translation. It placed the whole purchasing gifts for birthdays in a new context. What was lost in translation also gained new meaning. This is a bit of a theme within the collective, challenging mainstream concepts like consumerism. It not about saying consumerism is bad, like it or not we are all consumers, it's more about questioning the act of mindless consumption. It's like questioning the need to purchase gifts for birthdays or special occasions and pressure to purchase happiness. It's like a virus; once you catch it you never really lose it. It's the Happy Virus.